How to protect yourself from negative people and energy vampires

How to protect yourself from negative people and energy vampires

Do you know a person who is all about complaining and negativity? They find a downside in everything. For them, life is dangerous. You never know what kind of disappointment is waiting around the corner! Conversations with them revolve around gossiping about other people and complaining about whatever’s topical at the moment.

The longer the encounter with a negative person lasts, the more difficult it is to keep your own vibrational level high. You can handle it for a while, but before long your own mood will start to sink towards gloom.

Ideally, such people would not need to be met at all. It would be a working piece of advice to “completely exclude such people from your life”. But unfortunately, it is not always realistic. Energy vampires can be found in your family, extended family, amongst customers… For the majority of us, it is really difficult to choose every person we are dealing with.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself from the effects of energy vampires

I will teach you a simple protection technique. This protects you from the influence of negative people so that your own mood and vibration do not drop in their company and you survive the encounter “intact”.

Do this protection before you meet them. If the meeting lasts all day or overnight, re-do the protection if necessary.

Protection technique from the energy of negative people

Stand straight with your feet against floor. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths.

Imagine a bright white light radiating from above towards the crown chakra (it’s located on the top of your head), coming inside you. Let the wonderful, bright light fill you completely. Bath in the gentle light!

Then imagine a green light rising from the ground. The light comes from deep inside the earth, it comes in through the soles of your feet, and rises upward along your legs until it reaches your heart center. The green light is caring, safe and grounding.

Let the white light and the green light meet in your heart center, where they turn into pink light. The pink light is gentle, loving and powerful. Let the pink ball of light grow in your heart. It is pure love and compassion.

When the pink ball of light in your heart center feels strong, push it out of your chest. It now fills not only your heart, but the area in front of you. Increase the size of the light so that it eventually surrounds you completely. You are completely “in your own pink bubble”.

Repeat at least three times: "Only loving energy can penetrate this bubble." You can customize the sentence to suit your own mouth. The purpose is to express that inside the “love bubble” you created, your energy field, only high-vibrational energy that comes from love and that strengthens love is welcome. You can try the following phrases: "I'm safe in love." "I'm safe in my own love bubble." "Only love is welcome here." "I'm protected by love."

When the bubble effect starts to fade, you can strengthen it by doing a quick version of the protection technique.

This is a really simple but effective protection. I use it myself whenever I know I will encounter negative people. You know it worked when you realize that meeting a negative person has left no trace on you. Try this protection and tell me how it worked for you!