Considering using Reiki? Read this first

Considering using Reiki? Read this first

Hey, it's Iina here. :)

There has been something that has been bothering me a lot, and I feel a very strong need to address it officially to my community.

Reiki Healing.

Just a few days ago, I was reading a book about healing modalities when Reiki came up. Now, I know it’s an old and widely used technique. And I’m not arguing that someone couldn’t benefit from it.

But. Reiki is the old way of doing energy healing and really insufficient.


let me explain why...

My thoughts about Reiki

First, a disclaimer:

I feel that there's definitely nothing wrong with wanting to get Reiki healing.

After all, all healing is healing and doing something to balance your energies is better than not doing anything.

So don’t start throwing eggs at me if you don’t share the same opinions as me. You know I’ve always been super real here!


Personally, I believe that Reiki is the old way of doing energy healing and insufficient in itself. In Reiki, you channel universal cosmic energy through your hands onto the patient’s energy filed/chakras.

Instead of just adding energy to your aura, as you do in Reiki, you should be able to channel certain types of energy, remove bad energies and transmute energies.

I wouldn’t recommend just to add Reiki energy to your energy field because it doesn’t heal the root causes of most of the issues. The issues in your chakras are a symptom of something else. Whatever it is, it needs to be found out and addressed. Whether it’s a past life trauma or this life trauma, it doesn’t get resolved by just adding energy on top of it.

I understand why Reiki is so popular. It’s wide known and it has been around for ages. It’s simple and anyone can learn it over a weekend on a course.

But effective healing is so much more. There are different techniques, different tools, there’s channeling, clairvoyance… And you should be able to use the right methods for the right case for optimal results.

Have a beautiful week ahead, my friend!

Stay amazing and start looking for the right methods that you feel called to try out!